Thursday, May 21, 2015

Cultures affect on Body Image

Body image. 
The way you might perceive your body is either slim, overweight, tall, stumpy, short and plenty other ways you could say your body looks, but why should that matter? We're supposed to judge people on the inside not on the outside, but why is that every time society is trying to get people to love their body, it gets repressed down again? Why does society think its okay to degrade over weight people?

The 'perfect' body image is always changing from decade to decade. One decade is to have a full body and plumb face, but the next decade is slim body with narrow face and long limbs. Why is that? Does society push for a change every decade or does one person affect society and change the course? 

This video shows how body images change over the years. One factor that might change the ideal body is culture. In Egypt it was long limbs, but in Renaissance England it was a wide waste with extra fat. Does culture affect body image? 

America and Europe has always been a big influence on the fashion world. Pretty, skinny models walking down the runway often give the perception that if you want to make it into this business you better start working out and eating small, healthy portions. America has always been a big influence in the world so Western ideas are spread throughout the world, changing countries ideas and thoughts. Maybe the beginning of body image disorder began in the United States and quickly spread, just like America quickly spreaded its power? Perhaps the United States spread more than just their power...

This article explains more about how body image is affected by your ancestors and culture. Since I'm an American white girl, will I be more prone to anorexia than an African American girl? Who knows? It sounds like there is a good chance that I would get the short end of the stick, than the African American girl. 

Thursday, May 14, 2015


When I first hear the word 'news,' I think of CNN or local news. I think of the bright flashing red bar going across your screen reading: BREAKING NEWS: SANDY HOOK ELEMENTARY SCHOOL SHOOTING or SEVERE WEATHER WARNING... but I only watch breaking news if something REALLY big is happening, like school shootings or terrorist attacks. I never just watch the news to just 'watch the news.' To be honest, I only watch the news if something I wanna see is on or something super important is happening. 
Now why is that I only watch the news because I wanna watch something that is important to me? If something is going on in Minnesota about government changes, I probably would not care. For example, if something about a new vote on taxes I know I wouldn't watch the news about that, however if something major happened like Mark Dayton becomes dictator of Minnesota, I would watch that. In my opinion teenagers these days aren't really involved in watching the local news station 6:00 news report (unless they really like the news), if they want news all they have to do is look at Twitter or Facebook. They get what they want and the facts just within a couple of seconds, rather than watching 5 minute (or longer) news report on TV. Also kids are busy and they don't have time to watch the news at night, so why not get your news (if you want it) whenever? 
28% of teenagers care about the news. I frankly can agree with them, when looking in your feed on Twitter or Facebook teenagers will click on something about celebrities than conditions in Iraq. I know I would look at something about celebrities rather than foreign countries affair, and most teenagers would. 
Now how do we get teenagers to look at the news when they get older? Will they be interested in the news once it starts affecting them? I would think that most teenagers will want to look at the news when it affects them. Maybe there won't be as many news broadcasts, but the news networks will be able to get news out to people with social media and articles with short videos. Obviously news broadcasts won't be extinct, but maybe not as many and not as long. There won't be an exciting news everyday, but there will be news. 

"Facebook is at the forefront of a fundamental change in how people consume journalism. Most readers now come to it not through the print editions of newspapers and magazines or their home pages online, but through social media and search engines driven by an algorithm, a mathematical formula that predicts what users might want to read."

Facebook has endless news businesses on it trying to promote its website or company. Maybe we will only rely on social media sites in the future of getting our news? Who knows, however news will never go away and hopefully people will understand how important news is and they will read it, otherwise we're screwed. 

Thursday, April 30, 2015

How to get the BEST Kylie Jenner lips!

Do you ever wish you had Kylie Jenner's lips without the hassle of cosmetic surgery or getting botulism every time you go in to get botox? There's a new way on how to get her perfect lips without surgery or a fatal disease! 

Follow these instructions for Kylie Jenner lips:  
1) Take a pipe out of your kitchen sink. Make sure it's rusty, it will make your lips a brighter color. Just make sure when you cut it out of your sink that you be careful not to cut yourself otherwise you will have to go to the emergency room and there's a chance you will pick up Ebola. 
2) Cover one end of the pipe with saran wrap. Cover the whole back end of the pipe! If you miss a spot while your lips are being transformed your bottom lip won't receive the treatment. You will be very lopsided and labeled as an outcast from society. You will then have to leave the country. BE CAREFUL. 
3) Now put your lips in the open end of the pipe and suck in your breath for the full effect. If you feel the pipe digging into your skull from sucking in your breath so much, you're doing it right. Make sure your lips don't leave the pipe! 
4) Once your face is turning a purple color, from the draining of oxygen, you can pull your lips out of the pipe. They will be blown up to perfection! 
5) Your lips should be the width of your thumb knuckle. If not, stick your lips back in the pipe and suck in longer until their size of your thumb knuckle.
6) Sleep with your new, improved lips to retain the plumpness. Wake up at 1 a.m. and put the pipe back on your lips until 6 a.m.  Don't forget to breathe through your nose while your sleeping with the pipe otherwise you will die! 
7) At 10 a.m. precisely, you need to put on the Lip Plumbing Shimmer Gloss, from the Kardashian cosmetics line. It will maintain your Kylie Jenner lips! 
           To find the Lip Plumbing Shimmer Gloss you can just run to your local Home Depot! It will be in the home repair section, next to the pipes. 

8) Make sure to apply the lip gloss 10x a day otherwise your lips will look like George W. Bush's lips! (Gross) 

9) Repeat these essential steps everyday until you die. You will have perfect Kylie Jenner lips when you're getting put into the ground. You'll look glamorous in heaven or hell!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Influence of Design

When I think of design I think of important design firms that design websites, posters, etc. I think a lot of people don't realize that design is everywhere. One example, is your clothes. You picked out your clothes, so you designed your outfit. The clothes you are wearing were designed by a designer. The designer needed something to construct the piece of clothing you were wearing, so they put it on a clothes template. That clothes template was designed by someone. I think everything you do is designed by someone to make things simpler and for the person to be attracted to your product, because of the design. 
Simple to Embellished


Embellished to a new design
Wedding dresses show how design changes all the time. Even last year designs are different from this years design.

Design isn't just making something look pretty, its about your thought process. You have to take what materials you have and make it look nice and appeasing to your viewers. If you make something that looks like crap, nobody will want to read it. 

If you were a Republican and wanted to find candidates running for Congress, and this appeared, you would be turned off right away. 

Now if this appeared...

You would be more willing to click on nice layout than an ugly layout because its more appealing to you. 

Design has a huge influence on people. People want to look at pretty things than ugly things because that's they way our brains work. We want to have nice things and make sure they are nice, rather than things that are old or broken or ugly. 
To be a designer you need to make sure that you know what you are doing and how to do it correctly. If you design something that is an okay looking spread like this...
It looks nice, but its nothing spectacular. Its easy to make and you don't have to put much work in. However if you have an advanced spread you would like it more, than just an average looking spread. 
Even if you're not a designer, you know that more advanced spread looks cooler than the simple spread. Its the matter of fact of using your talent and using it to make an amazing spread.

I think everybody has the talent to design, we design everyday. We design what we wear, what we eat, what we look like for the day, and what we do with our day. We all have talent to be a designer, but we need to apply it to everyday life. Granted not everybody is a graphic or web designer, but we're designers of so many other things. I think people don't understand that we design everything, but we're all different kind of designers. 

Thursday, March 5, 2015


Choice surrounds us everyday. We choose decisions and decisions are chosen for us. However, when we make decisions are we making them for ourselves, or are they made for us?

I think we can make choices for ourselves, but the choice is altered. For example when you search something on Google, lets say "best cell phones", Google will pick and choose what they want you to see. If you have an iPhone, and you love looking at Apple, most likely your top results will be bias towards Apple phones are better than Androids. One good example is the TED talk about choice. The man who spoke asked his friends to send him pictures of them googling Egypt and they both got different results from Google

Another website that chooses for you is YouTube, which is owned by Google.
If you have a YouTube account, YouTube makes recommendations for you. 
Like for example here is my personal YouTube account and they have all these suggestions for me to watch. Granted, I will watch them, but still rather than you having to go find a video, YouTube gives you videos watch.  

Not choosing for yourself could also be a good thing. Google can show you things that you want, rather than trying to find it. It could be right in front of you if you go to Google and bam! there's your news. It's made easy, and you get the news you want. And if you want to change your Google settings to get more opposing views you can, but you most likely not want to, due to confirmation bias. 

Confirmation bias is being bias towards something, and not getting other opinions or sides. One particular bias is on the internet. When you try to prove your point on something you probably look stuff up on the internet to prove your point, rather than the opposing side. I think everybody has does it, and I know I do it a lot. One example that I just did recently was seeing if homosexuality was a sin or not, I believe it isn't, but other people see it differently. So I googled why homosexuality is not a sin to prove my point better. 

I think it depends on whether you want to look at your point or other points. If you want to look at the opposing view, that is your choice, and if you only want to look at your view, that is your choice as well. I think it all depends what type of person you are. Your choice on what you view, is your choice, but Google might help support or reject your opinion. It all depends on what you look at. 

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Future of Journalism

The future of journalism is constantly changing, because people are making up new ways to appeal to people. You might think that holograms are the next big thing, but what if that changes and people decide that holograms are not in, and newspapers are back in? Journalism is constantly changing, but it should be because the world is constantly changing. 

There is a good chance that people in the future will want to get their news electronically, like today. With all these new technologies, people want to use them because its interesting to use and apply them to everyday life. 
"You have to put things in people's hands to start letting them imagine what's possible. I wanted to start to be able to push the boundaries of what was happening, in terms of having people who understood the latest gear build their own and hack their own." says Intel researcher, Genevieve Bell.

I love how she says that people need to be given technology, build it, and then later they can make it better. If people just stayed in their own boundary of technology we wouldn't have what we have today, we could still be using dinosaur cell phones or dial TV's, but people were able to go outside their limit and make it better. If we didn't go outside our comfort zones then we would't be able to have all the technologies we have today.

Since with all the new technologies we have, we have everything at the palm of our hand and thats awesome, but its also kind of scary. We have so many things that are just made for us, but thats how we get lazy and people lose motivation to get information because we can get info at any moment, but it might not be accurate, but its info, so they won't care because they got what they wanted.

"For simple addition problems people will often whip out their phones to use the calculators on them. It simply requires less effort than doing it themselves... An individual has the choice between spending hours memorizing complex equations and large amounts of information, or they could simply type their question into Google and let either some more driven individual or a computer answer their questions for them. When they are assessed on the quality of their work, it often turns out to be nearly impossible to differentiate between." from a teen assessing their own peers in Minnesota. 

We have these amazing technology advances, and we have the ability to expand technology even more in our brains that one day life could possibly be like this, like Nels's group with the car driving itself and we could get news. However, when do we get people to start motivate themselves to learn, rather than just people getting their info on the internet? Humans are smart, so maybe one day we will be able to get people to motivate themselves like we once did.